French in the Trench: The Best WWI Flicks

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A war whose sequel ultimately eclipsed it in human memory, much like “Wrath of Khan” would “Star Trek: The Motion Picture,” World War I ushered in much of what is considered modern warfare. The advent of machine guns, tanks, chemical warfare and a ton of other horrible crap that scarred an entire generation of men lacked, however, the stamp of the spectacular, enduring villain found in the next installment. Perhaps this is why classic WWI films are not as readily identifiable to the average film viewer as are the myriad noteworthy WWII films Hollywood has regularly put out pretty much since that conflict ended. Luckily you have us to point you in the right direction.
French in the Trench: The Best WWI Flicks

5“A Very Long Engagement” (2004)

And back to France we go. This time, we’re in the hands of the gifted director of “Amelie,” Jean-Pierre Jeunet who brings that film’s leading lady Audrey Tatou and his ever-present visual style to this very dark tale of a woman searching for her fiancé, thought to be lost in the Battle of the Somme.

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