Halfway Decent : The Five Best Films of 2013 Thus Far

Image Credit: Fortheloveoffilm.org
Halfway through the cinema year comes that time to evaluate what the motion picture industry has lobbed at us thus far. As anyone who knows anything will tell you, all the really great movies come out in the last third of the year, so this is always a fairly easy task. However, if one knows where to look, when faced with sifting from the first quarter movie graveyard and mostly disappointing summer spectacles, they can find a number of choice gems among the rubble, which may still end up on lists come year-end awards season. Or not…
Halfway Decent : The Five Best Films of 2013 Thus Far


This harrowing, stark look at a young girl being sold into sex slavery in the mid-90s Southwest is based on a true story and is anchored by Jamie Chung’s lead performance as an average, (somewhat) innocent teenager who gains the iron will to survive throughout her nightmarish ordeal. Throw into the mix an icy turn by Beau Bridges as the crooked sheriff who lords over the vast flesh-trading enterprise, and the sure-handed direction of Megan Griffiths, and you’ve got one tough picture to chew.

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