The 5 Greatest Escapes From Custody In Film

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A jailbreak can be one of the greatest thrills of the screen and can have an audience rooting for even the worst scoundrel as we take that mad dash alongside him in his quest to breathe free air. Throughout the years there have been some real knockouts, and right now we’re going to look at the five greatest. We are omitting The Great Escape for its extreme obviousness, and the fact that we’d basically be listing pretty much the entire film. Think smaller.
The 5 Greatest Escapes From Custody In Film

4Hannibal Lecter, Silence of the Lambs (1990)

The bloodiest escape on our list, but then again hyperintelligent psychopath Dr. Lecter does tend to savor most things, especially murder. After having his way with two guards dumb enough to enter his cell unarmed in order to serve him his second dinner, Lecter calmly resumes enjoyment of a classical music selection, before wearing one of the dead guards’ face and uniform as he is whisked away in an ambulance as the dead man. Never has jailbreaking and extreme mutilation been handled with such leisure and refinement as it did in Silence of the Lambs.

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