The Five Silliest Final Battles With Upgraded Bad Guys

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Bad guys. They torment the hero for the duration of the film, throwing whatever skills, resources and allies they can marshal at their enemy in service to their own evil agenda. Every so often, a bad guy gets a serious upgrade, be it weaponized armor, mutation, cybernetic limbs or magic powers and becomes some kind of nutty cuckoo super bad guy to be reckoned with for the film’s climactic battle, and pretty often, this can prove a screamingly hilarious, over the top development. Such as…
The Five Silliest Final Battles With Upgraded Bad Guys

5Deacon Frost Becomes the Blood God, Blade (1998)

Stephen Dorff’s slick and menacing vampire baddie has his final confrontation with Wesley Snipes vamp half-breed master slayer while being bonded to La Magra, a powerful entity of… well, globs and globs of CGI blood apparently, which enables Dorff to become a veritable blood geyser then reform when Snipes cuts him in half, only to be undone by a series of well-administered hypodermic shots.

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